Creating Unique Content – the Smart Way

4 Jul , 2016  

A New Voice for Your Products and Services

Finding the right words to tell your story isn’t easy. You know your business better than anybody else and you love what you’re doing. But can you find the right words to convey this feeling to the customer? How do you convince a new INteressent that your product is the best choice for the specific problem at hand? How do you generate more traffic with your web presence without hiring a costly full-time content-manager or doing everything yourself?

A Better Way

Using the skills of somebody, who is an experienced content-writer, without adding personal to the work force might be the smartest approach for small and mid-sized companies. Not only does a freelancer contribute a valuable external view to hone your web presence, he can also provide expertise in relation to text and presentation without dependence on the infrastructure of your company. No office, no holiday, no health-insurance – such is the life of a freelancer.

What I Can Do for You

They say a picture tells more than a thousand words. But the internet-savvy customer does not fall easily for glossed-up pictures anymore. I help you to stand out in a competitive market by creating content that sticks with the reader. No matter whether you are selling directly via your website or trying to build a community online.

Staying in direct contact with my clients, usually via email, is vital to the idea of doing my work as good and prompt as possible. The objective is to write content according to your visions, even if that vision undergoes some last minute changes. As a consequence, my ability as a freelancer to write outstanding content and to be directly accessible are the best reasons to check out my services.